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6 Hair Styling Tips for First Timer

Ask me to style up my hair. I was totally an amateur a year ago.

Ever since I start working in my current job, I had to get in contact with all these styling equipment. I am just not good with my hands. However, after conquering my fear of burning my hands. I now can confidently style my hair without any hassle.



Here some of my little tips during my learning journey.

Firstly, using the right hair styling equipment is critical for you to achieve the hair style you desire. It protects your hair from damage.

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PhotoDynamic (PTF) Skin Treatment at TOUCHE Elite


Lately, I was invited by TOUCHE Elite to try out their PhotoDynamic (PTF) Skin Treatment.

TOUCHE Elite was established since year 2002, TOUCHE Elite faithfully adheres to its belief and mission to be a professional and reliable brand to offer optimal medic-aesthetic results with utmost Integrity and Professional Expertise.

TOUCHE Elite is tailor  for the modern, confident woman who values quality and credibility while seeking visible results. They strongly advocates professional and ethical methods that are effective and reliable for women,  delivering joy and confidence to each individual in a professional and beautiful way.

If you are worry about unprofessional beauty services. Fear not, you can relax and enjoy a nice and professional skin treatment with them.

TOUCHE Elite is CaseTrust Accreditation for Spa & Wellness Business since 2007.

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Biore Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover

Today let us go back to the very basic of skincare.  Before you cleanse your face or pile on multi layers of skin care products, proper removal of your makeup and even the skincare products is very important.

Most of us will overlook the importance of makeup removal in our beauty regimen. It washes away cosmetics , impurities and dirt from the surface of your skin, which could lead to irritation or cause your skin to age more rapidly. It help to promotes cellular renewal by eliminating dead skin. By massaging, it help to stimulate skin’s microcirculation. Most importantly, It allow our skin to breath and to have better absorption when you pile on your skin care product.

Even knowing the importance of removing make up, I tend to get lazy on that sometime especially after a long tiring day or party. Instead of the long process of wiping off all the make up yet still having residue on your skin, I have a solution of you now.

It’s  Biore Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover !! 


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Panasonic Beauty WorkShop by Beauty Guru, Bryan Gan

I was happy to be given the opportunity by to attend the Panasonic Beauty Workshop by Beauty Guru, Bryan Gan.


If you have watch 女人我最大 Singapore version, you will be familiar with Bryan. Bryan is the Singapore representative in that show and he has been appearing for the past three seasons.

I will be sharing with you on the tips that Bryan had shared during the workshop. Please continue reading on..

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Palmer’s Rapid Moisture Spray Lotion Deep Moisture

A new revolution and innovation had been created and release by Palmer’s in the way for applying moisturizer on our skin.

Instead of slamming huge heavy and thick moisturizer on your skin, you can now apply moisturizer in a fuss free way.

Palmers’ had launched their new range of product :  Palmer’s Rapid Moisture Spray Lotion

Now you can simply spray the moisturizer on your skin.

Palmers 2


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DIY Moisturizing Yogurt Mask

Most people out there , usually have dry , oily or combine skin type.

My complexion had been very bad. I had very sensitive skin. However, my skin will switch between very oily or very dry.  Whenever i am out in the sun , my skin will be super oily and shiny.

When I am in an air-condition room or dry environment, my skin will become super dry and start flaking. According to my beauty adviser, I had to balance out the PH of my skin.

I love to DIY my own mask . As you will  be able to know what are the ingredients  you putting on your face and is chemical free.
Recently, I had been trying out the Yogurt Mask. Yogurt is a very common ingredient in DIY mask as while as mask sheet that you can find in the market.
The Yogurt Mask I am using is very simple and it own require three simple ingredients :

1) Yogurt  – Contains high amounts of Lactic Acid, an AHA that is proven to be successful in refining pores, exfoliating the skin and stimulating collagen production. Unlike most other exfoliates that are harsh (e.g. salylic acid), it gently cleans the skin and is suitable for even the most sensitive skin types.

2)  Honey  – Retains water to help keep the skin soft and moisturized.

3) Lemon Juice – Great source of Vitamin C which can help to reduce facial blemishes and brighten the overall complexion of the face.

The DIY Mask will help to moisturizing and brightening of your skin.

Here the my recipe for Moisturizing Yogurt Mask :

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[Advertorial] Reduze Pro

For the past one year, I had been gaining weight over this whole years due to irregular meal time and lack of time to exercise.

Sadly to say, I have the fat genes which I hate all my life. Even if , I starve myself somehow i will still gain weight.

I got my 1 month supply of the new extra strength formula from  Sample Store and Reduze Pro!


Reduze Pro 3

It come right on time for Christmas !

Before I go into my experience and results, here some product informations  :

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