Let’s travel back to the 60s in C.A.N Cafe ~❤

Calling out to all Vintage Lover !!
Lets board the time machine when you enter in CAN Cafe and travel back to the sixties.
I can super super guaranteed that you all will love this cosy vintage cafe that found in beach road.

If you happen to pass by this cafe , do go in to have a meal even though the cafe dont look like one from outside. You had been missing out good food and cosy dinner atmosphere.

Good food served in CAN Cafe

They served a wide range of yummy food ranging from Japanese food to Peranakan food at a super affordable price.

One of their signature drink,

Heart shaped iced cube coffee

I love their ice cube coffee not only because the ice cubes were in heart shape. The coffee is refreshing. It perfect for the recently weather.

Potato Salad

This is the best potato salad I ever ate. I super love the salad sauce, it bring out the flavor of the potato salad. I love the sweetness and mild sourness of the Japanese sauce. It added a refreshing taste to the potato salad. The vegetables were fresh too. Yum Yum !! It making me crave for it now !!

I had grilled fish for the main course. However, I not sure how come my photo of the grilled fish went missing. The fish was tender and well marinated. Most important, it is a healtier choice of food. I strongly recommend their grilled fish for all babes. (:

A meal is never complete without dessert. I decided to have pancake. I was surprised when the lady boss served up the pancake in Mickey shape. It was soo cute and I really don’t know where to land my knife in. The pancake was yummy and fluffy. The ice cream goes super well with the warm pancake.

I love the glass. It soo cute and interesting. However, they no longer serve drinks in the glass as they had left only 1 piece left. If you happen to find this glass at you house, you might want to give it to the boss. hehes ..  They will definitely love it which I think so 😛

CAN cafe is like a mini museum. The whole cafe was filled with very interesting and vintage collectibles. Every item that is display in CAN Cafe had their own little story. Feel Free to approach the boss if you wants to know more about the vintage items. I am sure they will be most willing to share. It is a eye opening to me, especially after knowing some of the little story behind them.

Over view of the cafe

Car plates

2  Face Fan and Vintage Ice ball Machine



 Vintage albums and posters


Portable Music Player


Bell from Titanic

Oldest Coca- Cola bottle (1920’s)


This were just a small parts of their collectibles. Drop by the cafe and discover all the interesting and pretty collectibles.

Boss and Lady Boss of C.A.N cafe

I will definitely go back to the cafe for dinner and to discover more interesting stories.
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