Product Review on MYTOKA Box World Display~❤

I am going to do a review on MYTOKA Box World Display, 26cm x 16cm x 13cm, which costed about S$15. As you all know, my boyfriend is a Gundam fanatic and he has ordered this display box for his Gundam Converge toys.
Unpacking the package:

First and foremost, the size of the display box is big. Its length is about 26cm, which can fit around 7 Gundam Converge toys. It is a three-tiered display box, which provides maximum display area within the length of 26cm. However, it is also good to know that the display box is tall, at a height of 16cm. Thus, it will be good to check if the display box can fit your shelf.

The quality of the display box is good. The acrylic used for the display box is solid and not flimsy at all. The display box is clear, which allows your toy collection to be viewed easily. The transparent cover keeps the dust out of your toy collection. The platform are also nicely fitted and it has a flexibility should you need more floor space later if you want to do away the platforms. 

On the whole, MYTOKA Box World Display is a value-for-money display box. For cheaper alternatives, you can find smaller display boxes in Daiso. However, something this big and of a good quality you might have to source from toy shops or even customized it. And I feel that S$15 for a good display box to keep your valuable collection is definitely worth it!
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