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Counting down to 3 months to my wedding. For this whole year, I had been looking for different ways to slim down. Even though, I managed to slim down 7kg since last year. I had yet reached my ideal weight and body shape. As the clock is ticking, I get more and more anxious about looking good on my big day.

Thank Vermilion, I came to know this amazing Vermilion slimming jelly which they carry. Vermilion is a Singapore based company dealing with preventative health, anti -aging medicine and health products which combine the Western medicine with Traditional Chinese Medicine.

To make their products appeal to the younger generation and cater to their busy life style. Instead of making the motion of taking dietary supplements a hassle, they compact all the nutrients and benefits into a plant-based jelly strip. It also helps to promote the benefit of boring TCM ingredients to the younger generation.

Vermilion Jelly are manufactured under stringent laboratory conditions and do not contain any artificial colors or additives, utilizing natural fruit juices, teas and flavors instead for their great taste. Vermilion Jelly is also halal certified.

Apart from the Slimming jelly, they have a total of 5 other different jelly with different benefits.


Vermilion Slim Support Jelly

Vermilion Slim Support Jelly contains Garcinia Cambogia which has been shown to be useful in reducing body fat by discouraging excess fat storage and mobilizing them away from the waistline.

Combining with their exclusive blend of TCM herbs such as hawthorn berries and bitter melon, it maintains healthy lipid levels and also enhances insulin sensitivity.

Cassia seeds will also effectively help with water stagnation – a cause of fat accumulation in the TCM context. The added fiber will increase the feeling of satiety and reduce cravings. Our Slim Support Jelly aids in the revving up of metabolism regulates glucose and lipid levels, curbs appetite and promotes slimming and sustained weight loss.

I love the compactness of the Vermilion Slimming Support Jelly. I can conveniently slip them into your bag especially during the morning rush and consume it in office.

Despite having the blend of TCM herbs, you cannot taste a slight bit of it. It had a very light and refreshing taste. The sweetness level is still acceptable. Since I am on a diet mood, I had been trying to avoid sugar and sweet food as much as I can. The Slimming Support Jelly able to help me satisfy my sugar craving as well as help me to slim down.

Since there no particular direction for consumption, I have been taking one piece of Slimming Support Jelly every morning after breakfast. After four days, my craving for a snack in between my work has reduced. I am still monitoring the effect of the Vermilion Slimming Support Jelly. Hoping it can help me to shed more weight before October.

Vermilion Slimming Support Jelly is retailing at $118.95.

Vermilion will be at Health & You Fair 2017 from 29th-30th July 2017 at Suntec City Convention Hall 401-403 (10am-9pm)

They will be having a promotion for their Slim Support Jelly at buy 1 get 1 free!

For more information on Vermilion Jelly, do visit them at

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