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Steamboat at Fu Lin Men Dou Lao 福临门豆捞

For the past few years, there is a new food trend for china styled ala-carte steamboat after Hai Di Lao venture into Singapore. Similar concept steamboat restaurants had been seen sprouting island wide.

Today, I am going to introduce a similar yet different concept of steamboat restaurant, Fu Lin Men Dou Lao. They are situation at North Canal Road which is at the back of Pickering Street.

Fu Lin Men Dou Lao is originated from Macau. They served fresh and live Seafood with individual pot so that you can customize the soup base and ingredients to your liking.  According to the in charge of Fu Lin Men Dou Lao, their soup base is on the lighter and healthier as compare to the mainland china.

Why you have to dine in Fu Lin Men Dou Lao 福临门豆捞 ?

The word “豆捞” is actually a play sound of the word and actually means “都捞”. Signifying each individual scooping Wealth, Fortune and Treasure, into one’s own plate and consume in.

11187302_933594283329914_9047242044234745876_o(Photo credits:

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Ju dian – Another hangout place in Chinatown ~❤

If you are looking for a place to chill till 2am in Chinatown.
Here is Ju Dian for you

Free Wifi

Spotted 2 very cute zhao cai mao

Pretty babes dining in Ju dian

Hot and Sour Soup


Dont get scared by the word ” Hot “. It actually not that spicy. It most towards the sour taste. The soup was filled with tofu and mushrooms.

Grilled Scallop

$15.80/ 4pcs

I love the scallop !! Yummy !

Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs


I am not a huge fan of pork ribs. I dont really know how to appreciated it. However, I like the sweet and sour sauce.

I am not sure how come some of the photos i took when missing in my camera. It seems like i need a new camera or new sd card.

Duck Salad


A healthier choice to start the meal. The sauce tasted abit alcoholic.

 Kong Bao Chicken


This my favorite dish and I strongly recommend this dish. I love the well marinated chicken and the stir peanuts with the vegs.

Toffee Apple


This is my favorite and I am craving for it now. Can I have the whole plate of it for myself ? I love the fried apple with caramel.

Adventurous experience of SiChuan taste at Xiao La Jiao ~❤

Hearing the name “Xiao La Jiao”, make me hungry. I am a lover for spicy food. I had always wanted to try Sichuan food but my friends dont really take the spicyness. Xiao La Jiao is one of the many restaurants under CreativeEATeries.
Xiao La Jiao’s bold Sichuan menu promises a casual dining experience comprising hot favourites from China’s extra spicy province. So famed is the cuisine of Sichuan, that its capital, Chengdu was the first Asian city to win a UNESCO listing as a City of Gastronomy in 2011. With Sichuan cuisine gaining significant momentum in large cities like Beijing, Shanghai and even London.

Look so yummy on the poster already.. *Drools*


Let begin the Sicuan adventure with a empty tummy..

Pig’s Ear Slices with Spicy Sauce

This is why I called this dinner as an adventure. I was taken aback for awhile when I was told that this was pig ear. I am not a very big fan of pork and I am not really adventurous in my food. I dont dare to try out this dish but according to the other bloggers, it was yummy and does not taste like pig ear. 


  Husband & Wife Beef Offal with Spicy Sauce

This is another dish that I don’t dare to try as I don’t eat internal organs of any animal. I feel dam gross eating internal organs.
Lucky, the following up dishes are more normal ..

   Sichuan Wontons with Spicy Sauce

I love the spicy sauce , it goes amazing well with the wontons. The wontons are smooth and filled with meat.

 Camphor & Tea Smoked Duck

This is one of my most favorite dish of the night. I simply fell in love with the Camphor & Tea Smoked Duck. It took the chef 26 hours to smoke it in order to get the tenderness and flavor out. This is the most tender and yummy duck I had ever ate.  I dont think you are able to find the same taste and tenderness in any other restaurants. 

Rainbow Dumpling

The rainbow dumpling was all so pretty. Each color had a different inner filling and the skin tasted different too. You can either have it in rainbow color or your favorite color dumpling only.

Sichuan Guo Tie

This was the most juicy and yummy guo tie I had ate. You can simply drip out almost a spoonful of soup out of the guo tie. The skin was thin and crispy.


 Sichuan Fish Slices with Pickled Greens

It tasted like our normal picked green soup. However, the slight spiciness after taste made it amazing nice. I cant help drinking the soup. The fish was tender and yummy too. 

  Pork Strips in Sweet Bean Sauce

This is a hands-on dish. You are to wrap the pork strip with in the beancurd skins. Roll Roll ~  This is perfect for people who cannot take spicyness.



Cabbage with Rich Broth

The cabbage had adsorbed all the rich broth making it yummy.

Ge Le Shan ‘La Zi’ Chicken

La zi chicken seem to be the highlight of SiChuan dish. It seem to be introduce in alot of SiChuan travel show. Finally, I get to taste it. It looks super spicy. When you 1st put the chicken in your mouth, you dont feel the spicyness and numbness. But dont be too happen, it will come out as you chew. The chicken was super fragrant and I just cant stop popping it into my mouth. Perfect dish to go with beer.

Sichuan Ma Po Tofu

I love this !! I can eat down the whole plate of the Mapo tofu. The toufu was soft and nicely flavored with the sauce. Irresistible and a definite Must Try !!  Rice please !!!

Sichuan Waxed Pork Soup

Something light to end of the favorable meal. The soup is clear and light with the taste of the ham and beancurd skin.


Sichuan Pumpkin Pancake

The pumpkin pancake taste like mochi.. Chewy and yum yum

Mixed Sugar Guo Kui

It tasted like man tuo with lotus paste. Sweet and yumm.

Wonderful bloggers who make the night more amazing and fun


Let’s travel back to the 60s in C.A.N Cafe ~❤

Calling out to all Vintage Lover !!
Lets board the time machine when you enter in CAN Cafe and travel back to the sixties.
I can super super guaranteed that you all will love this cosy vintage cafe that found in beach road.

If you happen to pass by this cafe , do go in to have a meal even though the cafe dont look like one from outside. You had been missing out good food and cosy dinner atmosphere.

Good food served in CAN Cafe

They served a wide range of yummy food ranging from Japanese food to Peranakan food at a super affordable price.

One of their signature drink,

Heart shaped iced cube coffee

I love their ice cube coffee not only because the ice cubes were in heart shape. The coffee is refreshing. It perfect for the recently weather.

Potato Salad

This is the best potato salad I ever ate. I super love the salad sauce, it bring out the flavor of the potato salad. I love the sweetness and mild sourness of the Japanese sauce. It added a refreshing taste to the potato salad. The vegetables were fresh too. Yum Yum !! It making me crave for it now !!

I had grilled fish for the main course. However, I not sure how come my photo of the grilled fish went missing. The fish was tender and well marinated. Most important, it is a healtier choice of food. I strongly recommend their grilled fish for all babes. (:

A meal is never complete without dessert. I decided to have pancake. I was surprised when the lady boss served up the pancake in Mickey shape. It was soo cute and I really don’t know where to land my knife in. The pancake was yummy and fluffy. The ice cream goes super well with the warm pancake.

I love the glass. It soo cute and interesting. However, they no longer serve drinks in the glass as they had left only 1 piece left. If you happen to find this glass at you house, you might want to give it to the boss. hehes ..  They will definitely love it which I think so 😛

CAN cafe is like a mini museum. The whole cafe was filled with very interesting and vintage collectibles. Every item that is display in CAN Cafe had their own little story. Feel Free to approach the boss if you wants to know more about the vintage items. I am sure they will be most willing to share. It is a eye opening to me, especially after knowing some of the little story behind them.

Over view of the cafe

Car plates

2  Face Fan and Vintage Ice ball Machine



 Vintage albums and posters


Portable Music Player


Bell from Titanic

Oldest Coca- Cola bottle (1920’s)


This were just a small parts of their collectibles. Drop by the cafe and discover all the interesting and pretty collectibles.

Boss and Lady Boss of C.A.N cafe

I will definitely go back to the cafe for dinner and to discover more interesting stories.
Like them on FB : C.A.N Cafe


[Cooking] Green Bean Barley Soup

The weather getting hotter each day and is getting more unbearable. I made green bean barley soup for my family to cool for the internal heat.

Here some benefits of the Green bean barley soup


Benefits of Green bean. It also known as mung bean :

i) Clear Heat & Prevent Heat-stroke

Chinese Medicine believes that the external environment has a strong influence on the body.  For example, in a hot summer the body will absorb more heat from its external environment.  If the body cannot release this heat, physical changes may occur, including: body will feel hot, red face, very thirsty, dry skin, constipation, lack of energy, headache, dizziness.
For the hot seasons, TCM recommends foods that are cooling in nature, can balance the body’s Yin & Yang and can release the heat.  These types of foods should be a part of the daily diet during the summer.


ii) Clear Skin & Help Acne


Mung beans are sweet in taste and cooling in nature.  One of the very old traditional Chinese books, Kai Bao Ben Cao, mentions that mung beans act more on the Heart channel and clear heat and toxins from the skin, and cool heat in the blood.  Therefore, mung beans can help acne and other skin symptoms, such as the common skin rash, cold sores, mouth ulcers, pimples and boils.


iii) Clear Toxins from the Blood & Body


Modern science now also considers that mung beans can help clear toxins from the body, including environmental toxins and chemicals.




Benefits of  Barley :


i) Control Blood Sugar Better
ii) Lower Glucose Level
iii) Lower Blood Pressure
iv) Slow digestion , may help in weight control




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Yummilicious lunch @ Orchid Live Seafood~❤

Looking for good, yummy and affordable lobster porridge ?
Orchid Live Seafood might be your favorite choice !!
I had worked in a restaurant before.Therefore, I understand that the location of a restaurant do play a big part in the business operation. However, I believe that there are people who are willing to travel to search for good food because I am one of them.
Orchid Live Seafood is located in a more ulu place but do not worry, I have attached the map for you to navigate to this yummy live seafood restaurant.

Orchid Live Seafood is opened by Master Chef Steven Chua.


Wall of fame

These were what I had for my lunch (:

Cold Crab

I didn’t know that cold crab is one of the tradition dish in the Teochew culture. Even though, I am a Teochew. I am not expose to the culture and food as my family are closer to my maternal side. I shall start tracking back my roots. The crabs were fresh and nice.

Top Shell Toufu (Thai Style)

I liked the toufu especially the Thai style sauce. The sweet and sour sauce added lots flavor to the toufu. However, I wondered where is the top shell ?


Their Signature ” Lobster Porridge”

O.O Lobsters O.O

Look at the thick lobster meat

The lobster porridge was really fantastic. Even though, I am not a big fan of watery porridge. I love their lobster porridge. The soup base was fantastic, the essences were all in the soup. How i wish I could have more of the soup. The lobster were super fresh and springy.
OMG ! I am missing the lobster porridge.


Mixed Vegetables

I felt that the vegetables were too oily for my liking. It made my own mouth filled with oil.


Batin Fish (H.k Steam)

According to Chef Steven, the batin fish is high in collagen and Omega-3.
Babes, if you want to be prettier, this will be the dish for you.


2nd Signature : Steven Chicken

This fried chicken was named after Chef Steven. This is also a must – try dish. The chicken was fried and coated with Chef Steven’s secret recipe. I like the way the chicken was cut up and prepared, it made eating the chicken a lot easier.

Smoked Duck

I don not really know what is a good duck dish should taste ? But it really nice. I think it suppose to be warp in the lettuce and eat but we only eat the duck meat.


Wasabi Mayonnaise Prawn

The wasabi mayonnaise prawn was yummy too. It will taste nicer if the wasabi is abit stronger. However, this is according to my preference.



To end this whole yummilicious lunch, We had the old school red bean potong.

This whole set cost $288 for 6 to 8 pax

Here some shots around the restaurant.


Part of the main dining area


Private rooms


Private room with karaoke system



Me, RuiyingShirley and Chef Steven


Thanks for the yummilicious lunch (:


Bus services : Bus 50, 70, 70M, 103, 103M and 854
Nearest Mrt : Sengkang , Buangkok