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The Alshaya Food Tour Dubai – Shake Shack


Time for Shake Shack!! I have been looking forward to them in The Alshaya Food Tour.

Shake Shack had always been listed in the Top must eat fast-food in New York. This reputable fast food chain was also known as the NY Icon.

Every successful restaurant chain started somewhere small. Shake Shack sprouted from a hot dog cart in Madison Square Park in Manhattan to support the Madison Square Park Conservancy’s first art installation. In 2004, the bid was won to open a permanent kiosk in the Park: Shake Shack was born.

This modern day “roadside” burger stand serves up delicious burgers, hot dogs, frozen custard, shakes, beer, wine and more.

We visited the outlet at Dubai Mall. Other than Dubai Mall, they have outlets at Jumeriah Beach, Mall of Emirates, Financial Bay as well as Dubai Airport Terminal 3.


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5 Must Try for High Tea in Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe.

If you are thinking of a place to have your High Tea Session at White Sands Shopping Mall ?

Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe had re open their outlet in the newly renovated White Sands Shopping Mall.

In conjunction to their re- opening, I had listed 5 Must Try for High Tea in Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe.

Item 1 : Crystal Haw Gar 


$4.90 (3 Pieces)

Even though, this Haw Gar is not the best in the market.This is one of my favorite dish coming to dim sum. The skin is too thick and the prawn was fresh and sweet.
The Crystal Haw Gar is also one of the Chef Recommendation in the menu.

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The Soup Spoon Union in White Sands Shopping Mall

After 3 outlets of The Soup Spoon Union which houses: The Soup Spoon”,” The Handburger” and” Soup Broth Asia”. The Soup Spoon Union had recently venture into White Sand Pasir Ris.
This time round, they housed 2 other brands; The Salad Fork and The Grill Knife along with The Soup Spoon.


Lets start with the main brand “The Soup Spoon

Every few months, The Soup Spoon will launch a few Limited Edition Soup from different country.

For this month, The Soup Spoon is flying our taste buds to PERTH!!!

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Having vegetarian or vegan food is not a foreign things to me as my parents are vegetarian. Since young, I had always hope to have vegetarian fast food. Veganburg have make my dream come true. 

Veganburg is the first vegan fast food chain in Singapore. Instead of have junk food, Veganburg provide a healthy, nutritious and wholesome fast food for the whole family. 

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Seaweed Fries

 In Veganburg, their fries are salt-free. The fries was lighting coated with seaweed. However, I cant really taste the seaweed. I believe that they replace the salt that was commonly use in seasoning the fries with the natural light saltiness of the seaweed, The fries was well-fried.The outer coating was crispy and the inner was soft.  

Handmade Spinach Pop 

Their spinach pop was handmade with love daily. The spinach pop will be a great finger food for kids. The potato and spinach was a great combination. The handmade spinach pop came with satay sauce. The satay sauce was fragrant, however I feel that it overpower the natural taste of the spinach pop. I prefer the spinach pop without the dip.

Vegan Frank 

I believe everyone know of mock meat. Mock meat is usually soya-based or gulten-based. Veganburg had created their own mock hot dog using toufu. I had been eating alot of different mock hotdog before. I can say Veganburg serve the best mock hotdog. I love the soft toufu taste. 

Smoky BBQ 

The smoky BBQ was combination of thick mince mushroom patty with smokey BBQ with layers of fresh lettuce, tomato, onion and alfafa. 


 Hawaiian Teriyaki

The Hawaiian Teriyaki is high in Vitamin C and Potassium. It was a combination of pineapple and soya patty. 


Satay Char-Grilled 

 The satay char-grilled was special. The Satay sauce goes very well with the vegan patty as it adds more flavor to the patty.

Limited Edition Chilli Krabby 

Spongebob Krabby burger is now available in Verganburg now! This is one of my favorite burger. I love the spiciness of the patty.  

Cracked Pepper Mayo

 The cracked pepper mayo is one of their best-seller. The pepperish mayonnaise goes well with the vegan patty. It lifted the taste of the burger.  

 Creamy Shroom 

Shroomilicious. I love the creamy shroom the best. Their dairy-free cream go well with the button mushrooms and the vegan patty. The vegan patty was crispy. 

Vegan Chocolate Cake

Even though, the chocolate cake does not contain egg and milk, it tasted yummy too. I love the marshmallow on top which is not very sweet. 

Thanks to Openrice for giving me this opportunity to try Veganburg and to share this wonderful place to my family.

Food, Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty have arrived at McDonald Singapore~❤


Hello Kitty is back in MacDonald Singapore! 

Hello Kitty had dress herself up in Fairytales costume. 


I was invited to attend Hello Kitty pre-launch event at MacDonald. The whole party room was decorated with Red, Pink and White balloons. Love it too max.


This year, MacDonald had launched not only 4 Hello Kitties but 6 Hello Kitties in total. All 6 are sooo adorable ❤. I am going to collect all 6 Hello Kitties.



Hello Kitty pushie and geek spec for everyone



I love the pretty and adorable box. MacDonald had packaged the Hello Kitty into FairyTales storybook style. I want to collect all of them.


Wizard of Oz , The Frog Price , Little Red Riding Hood


Say Hi to Little Red Riding Hood Kitty


Hello Kitty in Geek Specs


Little Red Riding Hood Kitty is hungry.
Time for dinner.. Yum Yum…



When the McDonald’s crew served up our dinner, we are all surprised that they came in strawberry lunchbox. It’s really super sweet of them. It fit the Hello Kitty theme totally. Thanks MacDonald (:
Have you spotted something different ? Wonder what inside our lunchbox ?
Scroll Down …


Yeah !!We have nuggets for dinner.Other then the nuggets, we get to be the first to taste the new sauces that are coming up. MacDonald will be launching Honey Mustard and Wasabi Sauce. These two new store will be available in store from June onward. Personally, I prefer the Honey Mustard Sauce. Other then the upcoming new sauce, MacDonald will be launching Curry shaker fries and Strawberry Freeze. I love the Strawberry Freeze. It have lots of strawberry bits. Cant wait for it to be launched in the stores.


More Sauces

How can an event without fun bloggers and pictures ? Especially with Hello Kitty around ..








Group photo with all the Hello Kitty lovers



Thanks lot lots MacDonald’s for the 3 sets of Hello Kitty !!
I gotten one of my favorite, Ugly Duckling.
I love all of the Hello Kitty !!
Love MacDonald too


Important !!!!
 Hello Kitty Lover look out for this..
MacDonald had Hello Kitty Plushies Tracker on their website. You get to track the Hello Kitty and you will never going to miss any of them.

In Conjunction of the launch of Hello Kitty Plushie, MacDonald had also line up a series of fun activities like Fairytales Storytelling.

For more information, check out their ” GO PLAY ” website.

Last by not least..

What are you waiting for ? 
Head down now to any MacDonald’s Outlets
Grab the Hello Kitties before they are gone !! 



International Breakfast day : Free Egg McMuffins~❤

18 MARCH 2013
Mcdonald’s giving out Free Egg McMuffins  Islandwide !

On 18 March, 121 McDonald’s restaurants in Singapore will participate in National Breakfast Day by giving away over 100,000 Egg McMuffins,as part of Singapore’s (and the world’s) largest ever breakfast giveaway.

National Breakfast Day is a regional McDonald’s initiative that will see 5,000 McDonald’s 

Restaurants in Asia, the Middle East and Africa give away some five million Egg McMuffins in all.

Here some benefits of breakfast to share with you.
❤ Help you to eat better all day

 Help to boost concentration

 Help you to keep fit

 Help you to keep your heart healthy

 Help you to get nutrient your body need

 Increase metabolism rate

 Higher energy level 

 Better memory

Here the details :

When: 18 March (next Monday)

Where: At 121 McDonald’s restaurants in Singapore! 

(Click here for list of participating outlets)

Time: 5 – 10am, except these locations

Facebook Event : Free Egg McMuffin