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IPPIN CAFE BAR – Enjoy Homecook Japanese Food

Situated along the Mohamed Sultan Road, there a humble Japanese restaurant which serve homecook Japanese Food which better then mom’s cooking.


Ippin Cafe Bar was opened in October 2014 by Ms Ayumi Fujishiro.

Ippin Cafe Bar is a cozy cafe where can be your hidden hangout, an unassuming lunch/dinner spot, a seat at a sake bar or weekend chill out place.

In Ippin Cafe Bar, they serve home styled classic Japanese food.

Be sure that, you will be able to find your comfort food in Ippin Cafe Bar. Continue Reading


SUKI-YA ~ New Weekend Curry Soup Base ~❤

Ever since, my boyfriend started working as an interior designer, we seldom have much time together. 
It was super rare for us to have dinner together especially on an weekend.
We decided to check out our favorite sukiyaki & shabu shabu resturant, Suki-Ya. This is not the first time I dine or write about Suki-ya.
Why I love dining in Suki-ya ? It allows me to enjoy the good and healthy food while spending time with my love ones. I love the chatting and interacting with them while waiting for the food to be cooked. Lastly, I love to shabu shabu the thinly sliced meats.



We went to Suki-ya at Marina Square which had been newly renovated and relocated recently. Previously, it was located at the level 1 of Marina Square, right under the food court. They had relocated to the new dining wing. If you are able to spot “Manhattan Fish Market”, you will be able to see Suki-ya.


The newly opened restaurant had a larger space catering more towards bigger groups of customers. I love the U-shaped cubicles dining concept. It allow you to have some privacy with your friends.

Time for food..


I love the wide ranges of vegetables as well as other ingredients. Strongly recommend to have their signature cheese ball. It’s really yummy.


Different Sauces : Ma La, Miso-Tare, Spicy Peanut, Vinegar



I had always love the thinly sliced meat.You can see the bottom of the plate through the meat.


Our platter



Vegetables platter



Noodles Platter



Not forgetting the sauces.





Suki-ya Marine Square had newly launched the curry soup base only for weekend. According to the staff, the curry soup base is only available in Marine Square. I love the innovation idea of using curry for shabu shabu. It is a definite must-try soup base when you dine in during weekend.



The curry soup base had become my next love other than my favorite suki-ya and miso soup base. Instead of the normal watery curry we usually had. The curry is thick but not gluey. You will be able to spot small pieces of onions in the soup base which give it a richer flavor. I love the curry after all the essence from all the ingredients were added in. It had the natural slight sweet taste from the vegetables. How I wish i can have a bowl of rice to accompany the curry. It  also goes completely well with the udon noodles. You can create your own verison of curry udon with your favorite ingredients from the healthy bar.





I am craving for it now while i am writing the post.



Dont forget your ice-cream which is only available for dinner.




Thanks hubby for specially taking the time off to accompany me for dinner at one of our favorite restaurant. I love you 




Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ Resturant ~❤

Having a boss who love to dine and do not mind bringing the company to nice places for dinner was really a fortune to me.

We decided to dine at Gyu-Kaku where they serve the best Japanese BBQ with premium meats.



They serve ITO – Wagyu beef which was freshly imported from Kagoshima,Japan. Kagoshima has prided on her healthy animal and their meat, odourless yet full of an organic, subtly sweet flavour.






Special Dip for the meat.



Crabmeat Salad
My boss did the ordering therefore, I am not very sure which are the different parts of the meat I am having.









milk pudding



Senki Japanese Restaurant ~❤

 Not knowing where to dine in Somerset area ?

Introducing Senki Japanese Restaurant at Killiney Road. It is just a 5 to 7 minutes walk  from Somerset Mrt.

Lets get the feast started !

Salmon Salad

Dragon Maki

I love the avocado and mango on top of the maki. It taste nice together with the ebi. I recommend this is one of the yummy food.

Sashimi Platter


Salmon Sushi

I had forgotten what is the actual name of this dish. It is delicious, the salmon is like 1/2 grilled and it tasted simply yummy.

Grilled Mackerel

I dont really like this. It is not so fresh and the meat was tough and abit of fishy smell.

Tempura Moriawase

The tempura tasted normal to me. However, I like the sweet potato’s tempura as it is sweet.

Hotate Mentai Chiizu Yaki

This my favorite dish during the whole meal. The Hotate is yummy and cheesy. How I wish I can have more. hehe

Fruit Salad

It is quite surprising on how the ebiko blended in well with the fruit salad, it’s amazing. I am not really a fan of ebiko actually but I love how it acted texture to the fruit salad. Yumm ~

I will love to try the salt gelato and yuzu sherbet . Wonder how it taste especially the salt gelato ? hmmm …

Bar top area

Lots of local and oversea artist had visited and dine in Senki too..

In Senki, Other then normal ala-carte and set meal. They do provide ala-carte buffet too..

Here is a small part of the ala-carte buffet menu.

HURRY and Dine In at Senki Japanese Restaurant !



Let’s travel back to the 60s in C.A.N Cafe ~❤

Calling out to all Vintage Lover !!
Lets board the time machine when you enter in CAN Cafe and travel back to the sixties.
I can super super guaranteed that you all will love this cosy vintage cafe that found in beach road.

If you happen to pass by this cafe , do go in to have a meal even though the cafe dont look like one from outside. You had been missing out good food and cosy dinner atmosphere.

Good food served in CAN Cafe

They served a wide range of yummy food ranging from Japanese food to Peranakan food at a super affordable price.

One of their signature drink,

Heart shaped iced cube coffee

I love their ice cube coffee not only because the ice cubes were in heart shape. The coffee is refreshing. It perfect for the recently weather.

Potato Salad

This is the best potato salad I ever ate. I super love the salad sauce, it bring out the flavor of the potato salad. I love the sweetness and mild sourness of the Japanese sauce. It added a refreshing taste to the potato salad. The vegetables were fresh too. Yum Yum !! It making me crave for it now !!

I had grilled fish for the main course. However, I not sure how come my photo of the grilled fish went missing. The fish was tender and well marinated. Most important, it is a healtier choice of food. I strongly recommend their grilled fish for all babes. (:

A meal is never complete without dessert. I decided to have pancake. I was surprised when the lady boss served up the pancake in Mickey shape. It was soo cute and I really don’t know where to land my knife in. The pancake was yummy and fluffy. The ice cream goes super well with the warm pancake.

I love the glass. It soo cute and interesting. However, they no longer serve drinks in the glass as they had left only 1 piece left. If you happen to find this glass at you house, you might want to give it to the boss. hehes ..  They will definitely love it which I think so 😛

CAN cafe is like a mini museum. The whole cafe was filled with very interesting and vintage collectibles. Every item that is display in CAN Cafe had their own little story. Feel Free to approach the boss if you wants to know more about the vintage items. I am sure they will be most willing to share. It is a eye opening to me, especially after knowing some of the little story behind them.

Over view of the cafe

Car plates

2  Face Fan and Vintage Ice ball Machine



 Vintage albums and posters


Portable Music Player


Bell from Titanic

Oldest Coca- Cola bottle (1920’s)


This were just a small parts of their collectibles. Drop by the cafe and discover all the interesting and pretty collectibles.

Boss and Lady Boss of C.A.N cafe

I will definitely go back to the cafe for dinner and to discover more interesting stories.
Like them on FB : C.A.N Cafe


Foodilicious @ Bugis Plus (Part 3) ~❤

That not the end .. Lots more foodilicious coming up your way.

8th Stop : Ramen Champion

Are you a fan of Ramen ? Want to have the famous ramen in Japan ?

Now, you can find the best ramen in Japan all under one roof.

This is the first time that I tasted so many bowl of ramen.










This is a special request by us as we wanted to try the super spicy ramen. I love the spicy ramen. The soup base is thick and yummy, Even thought, the spiciness is not as spicy as we expected but it tasted yummy too.

Ramen Champion
Address : 201 Victoria Street
Bugis +
Singapore 188067
For more information :
Food : 
Overall Rating : 

Time of some snacks after all the heavy main course.

9th Stop : Ireland’s Potato



Honey Mustard Fries



Cheesy Baked Potato Skin
Ireland Potato
Address : 201 Victoria Street
Bugis +
Singapore 188067
For more information :
Food : 
Overall Rating : 


With Tse Lyn and Mag

Finally, we are nearing to the end to the foodilicious.

Hope you are not in food coma now (:

Berrylite American Premium 100% Fat-Free Frozen Yogurt, the froyo that has all of Hollywood abuzz with chatter, is now in town! The frozen yogurt contains more than 100 millions live and active cultures in a gram. All the live and active cultures are accountable and high in health benefits. 

Berrylite is committed to providing genuinely nutritious and delicious products. We serve uniquely creamy yet fat-free frozen yogurt that is all natural, nonfat, gluten-free and packed with beneficial live and active probiotic cultures certified by National Yogurt Association (USA).





 Caramel Yogurt ❤❤❤
I super love this caramel yogurt. Unresistible !!






Address : 201 Victoria Street

Bugis +
Singapore 188067
For more information :
Food : 
Overall Rating : 

10th Stop : Aloha Ma Maison

Aloha Ma Masion is a Hawaiian restaurant under the Ma Maison restaurant chain.

I love the whole restaurant. It really give you the Hawaii feel, the pretty beaches, the sun and Hawaii dance.





Maple , Guava and Coconut Syrup



Mixed Fruits Pancake 
 w/o whipped cream



Mixed Fruits Pancake 
with whipped cream


I like their pancake, it is the fluffy and all the sauce go well with it. I specially love the maple syrup. Normal yet yummy (:
If the whipped cream is scaring you off , dont worry. The whipped cream is super light. You wont get sick of it.
Their pancake and whipped cream are all home-made.


Aloha Ma Masion

Address : 201 Victoria Street

Bugis +
Singapore 188067
Food : 
Overall Rating : 



Last but not least ….


Thanks and Bugis plus for organizing this wonderful foodilicious food trail. Cant wait for the next food trail.


You guys really  RAWKS ❤❤❤ 10/11 Stops within 6 hours !!



Thanks Bugis Plus for the cute polka dots goodie bag !