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Steps to purchase Singtel Prepaid Hello Kitty Plush Toys

Finally, Singtel had announced the different ways to purchase the Limited Edition Singtel Prepaid Hello Kitty Plush.


Simply follow the simple steps below to qualify for each of the four designs. After each successful transaction, you will receive a redemption coupon in your Singtel mWallet app.

The coupon will be used to redeem the Singtel Prepaid Hello Kitty plush toys at our redemption event from 8 to 10 May.

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Hello Kitty

Singtel Prepaid Hello Kitty arrives in Singapore on 20 April 2015!

I believe everyone knew how crazy Singaporeans are for the adorable Hello Kitty, especially the Hello Kitty’s Fan.

Companies are trying to link themselves up with this adorable character to create hype for their own brand.

First, we had Mcdonalds lauching Hello Kitty Soft Toy for every meal bought.

Coming up behind Mcdonalds, we had  Hello Kitty Limited Edition Ez Link Cards, Hello Kitty Run, Hello Kitty SG 50 dolls and many more.

Now, Singapore biggest TelCo. will be joining into the Hello Kitty’s Singapore Craze.

Singtel will be launching 4 limited-edition Singtel Prepaid Hello Kitty Plush Toys on 20 April 2015 !


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Beauty, Hello Kitty

Sephora launched Limited Edition Hello Kitty Make up Set

In conjunction of Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary, Sephora had once again launched a whole new Hello Kitty collection.

Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Collection at Sephora

Instead of the usual pink color which people associate with Hello Kitty. The Sephora x Hello Kitty collection focus more on luxury and glamour. Using Silver to bring out the glamour with the hint of Hello Kitty Cuteness. Perfect for office ladies who love Hello Kitty, not to pink and cute. It bring out the class for them.

Wonder what are in store for you ?

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Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Moleskine Notebook

In conjunction of Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary, Italian company Moleskine will be launching their Limited Edition Hello Kitty Moleskine’s Notebook.

Their range of notebooks, planners, diaries, sketchbooks, and albums are bound in coated paper cardboard, with rounded corners and an elastic band to hold it closed. On the inside, smooth ivory-coloured paper and a ribbon bookmark complete the classic Moleskine look.

Hello Kitty Moleskine Notebook


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