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SUKI-YA ~ New Weekend Curry Soup Base ~❤

Ever since, my boyfriend started working as an interior designer, we seldom have much time together. 
It was super rare for us to have dinner together especially on an weekend.
We decided to check out our favorite sukiyaki & shabu shabu resturant, Suki-Ya. This is not the first time I dine or write about Suki-ya.
Why I love dining in Suki-ya ? It allows me to enjoy the good and healthy food while spending time with my love ones. I love the chatting and interacting with them while waiting for the food to be cooked. Lastly, I love to shabu shabu the thinly sliced meats.



We went to Suki-ya at Marina Square which had been newly renovated and relocated recently. Previously, it was located at the level 1 of Marina Square, right under the food court. They had relocated to the new dining wing. If you are able to spot “Manhattan Fish Market”, you will be able to see Suki-ya.


The newly opened restaurant had a larger space catering more towards bigger groups of customers. I love the U-shaped cubicles dining concept. It allow you to have some privacy with your friends.

Time for food..


I love the wide ranges of vegetables as well as other ingredients. Strongly recommend to have their signature cheese ball. It’s really yummy.


Different Sauces : Ma La, Miso-Tare, Spicy Peanut, Vinegar



I had always love the thinly sliced meat.You can see the bottom of the plate through the meat.


Our platter



Vegetables platter



Noodles Platter



Not forgetting the sauces.





Suki-ya Marine Square had newly launched the curry soup base only for weekend. According to the staff, the curry soup base is only available in Marine Square. I love the innovation idea of using curry for shabu shabu. It is a definite must-try soup base when you dine in during weekend.



The curry soup base had become my next love other than my favorite suki-ya and miso soup base. Instead of the normal watery curry we usually had. The curry is thick but not gluey. You will be able to spot small pieces of onions in the soup base which give it a richer flavor. I love the curry after all the essence from all the ingredients were added in. It had the natural slight sweet taste from the vegetables. How I wish i can have a bowl of rice to accompany the curry. It  also goes completely well with the udon noodles. You can create your own verison of curry udon with your favorite ingredients from the healthy bar.





I am craving for it now while i am writing the post.



Dont forget your ice-cream which is only available for dinner.




Thanks hubby for specially taking the time off to accompany me for dinner at one of our favorite restaurant. I love you 



Food, Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty have arrived at McDonald Singapore~❤


Hello Kitty is back in MacDonald Singapore! 

Hello Kitty had dress herself up in Fairytales costume. 


I was invited to attend Hello Kitty pre-launch event at MacDonald. The whole party room was decorated with Red, Pink and White balloons. Love it too max.


This year, MacDonald had launched not only 4 Hello Kitties but 6 Hello Kitties in total. All 6 are sooo adorable ❤. I am going to collect all 6 Hello Kitties.



Hello Kitty pushie and geek spec for everyone



I love the pretty and adorable box. MacDonald had packaged the Hello Kitty into FairyTales storybook style. I want to collect all of them.


Wizard of Oz , The Frog Price , Little Red Riding Hood


Say Hi to Little Red Riding Hood Kitty


Hello Kitty in Geek Specs


Little Red Riding Hood Kitty is hungry.
Time for dinner.. Yum Yum…



When the McDonald’s crew served up our dinner, we are all surprised that they came in strawberry lunchbox. It’s really super sweet of them. It fit the Hello Kitty theme totally. Thanks MacDonald (:
Have you spotted something different ? Wonder what inside our lunchbox ?
Scroll Down …


Yeah !!We have nuggets for dinner.Other then the nuggets, we get to be the first to taste the new sauces that are coming up. MacDonald will be launching Honey Mustard and Wasabi Sauce. These two new store will be available in store from June onward. Personally, I prefer the Honey Mustard Sauce. Other then the upcoming new sauce, MacDonald will be launching Curry shaker fries and Strawberry Freeze. I love the Strawberry Freeze. It have lots of strawberry bits. Cant wait for it to be launched in the stores.


More Sauces

How can an event without fun bloggers and pictures ? Especially with Hello Kitty around ..








Group photo with all the Hello Kitty lovers



Thanks lot lots MacDonald’s for the 3 sets of Hello Kitty !!
I gotten one of my favorite, Ugly Duckling.
I love all of the Hello Kitty !!
Love MacDonald too


Important !!!!
 Hello Kitty Lover look out for this..
MacDonald had Hello Kitty Plushies Tracker on their website. You get to track the Hello Kitty and you will never going to miss any of them.

In Conjunction of the launch of Hello Kitty Plushie, MacDonald had also line up a series of fun activities like Fairytales Storytelling.

For more information, check out their ” GO PLAY ” website.

Last by not least..

What are you waiting for ? 
Head down now to any MacDonald’s Outlets
Grab the Hello Kitties before they are gone !! 



Ju dian – Another hangout place in Chinatown ~❤

If you are looking for a place to chill till 2am in Chinatown.
Here is Ju Dian for you

Free Wifi

Spotted 2 very cute zhao cai mao

Pretty babes dining in Ju dian

Hot and Sour Soup


Dont get scared by the word ” Hot “. It actually not that spicy. It most towards the sour taste. The soup was filled with tofu and mushrooms.

Grilled Scallop

$15.80/ 4pcs

I love the scallop !! Yummy !

Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs


I am not a huge fan of pork ribs. I dont really know how to appreciated it. However, I like the sweet and sour sauce.

I am not sure how come some of the photos i took when missing in my camera. It seems like i need a new camera or new sd card.

Duck Salad


A healthier choice to start the meal. The sauce tasted abit alcoholic.

 Kong Bao Chicken


This my favorite dish and I strongly recommend this dish. I love the well marinated chicken and the stir peanuts with the vegs.

Toffee Apple


This is my favorite and I am craving for it now. Can I have the whole plate of it for myself ? I love the fried apple with caramel.

Adventurous experience of SiChuan taste at Xiao La Jiao ~❤

Hearing the name “Xiao La Jiao”, make me hungry. I am a lover for spicy food. I had always wanted to try Sichuan food but my friends dont really take the spicyness. Xiao La Jiao is one of the many restaurants under CreativeEATeries.
Xiao La Jiao’s bold Sichuan menu promises a casual dining experience comprising hot favourites from China’s extra spicy province. So famed is the cuisine of Sichuan, that its capital, Chengdu was the first Asian city to win a UNESCO listing as a City of Gastronomy in 2011. With Sichuan cuisine gaining significant momentum in large cities like Beijing, Shanghai and even London.

Look so yummy on the poster already.. *Drools*


Let begin the Sicuan adventure with a empty tummy..

Pig’s Ear Slices with Spicy Sauce

This is why I called this dinner as an adventure. I was taken aback for awhile when I was told that this was pig ear. I am not a very big fan of pork and I am not really adventurous in my food. I dont dare to try out this dish but according to the other bloggers, it was yummy and does not taste like pig ear. 


  Husband & Wife Beef Offal with Spicy Sauce

This is another dish that I don’t dare to try as I don’t eat internal organs of any animal. I feel dam gross eating internal organs.
Lucky, the following up dishes are more normal ..

   Sichuan Wontons with Spicy Sauce

I love the spicy sauce , it goes amazing well with the wontons. The wontons are smooth and filled with meat.

 Camphor & Tea Smoked Duck

This is one of my most favorite dish of the night. I simply fell in love with the Camphor & Tea Smoked Duck. It took the chef 26 hours to smoke it in order to get the tenderness and flavor out. This is the most tender and yummy duck I had ever ate.  I dont think you are able to find the same taste and tenderness in any other restaurants. 

Rainbow Dumpling

The rainbow dumpling was all so pretty. Each color had a different inner filling and the skin tasted different too. You can either have it in rainbow color or your favorite color dumpling only.

Sichuan Guo Tie

This was the most juicy and yummy guo tie I had ate. You can simply drip out almost a spoonful of soup out of the guo tie. The skin was thin and crispy.


 Sichuan Fish Slices with Pickled Greens

It tasted like our normal picked green soup. However, the slight spiciness after taste made it amazing nice. I cant help drinking the soup. The fish was tender and yummy too. 

  Pork Strips in Sweet Bean Sauce

This is a hands-on dish. You are to wrap the pork strip with in the beancurd skins. Roll Roll ~  This is perfect for people who cannot take spicyness.



Cabbage with Rich Broth

The cabbage had adsorbed all the rich broth making it yummy.

Ge Le Shan ‘La Zi’ Chicken

La zi chicken seem to be the highlight of SiChuan dish. It seem to be introduce in alot of SiChuan travel show. Finally, I get to taste it. It looks super spicy. When you 1st put the chicken in your mouth, you dont feel the spicyness and numbness. But dont be too happen, it will come out as you chew. The chicken was super fragrant and I just cant stop popping it into my mouth. Perfect dish to go with beer.

Sichuan Ma Po Tofu

I love this !! I can eat down the whole plate of the Mapo tofu. The toufu was soft and nicely flavored with the sauce. Irresistible and a definite Must Try !!  Rice please !!!

Sichuan Waxed Pork Soup

Something light to end of the favorable meal. The soup is clear and light with the taste of the ham and beancurd skin.


Sichuan Pumpkin Pancake

The pumpkin pancake taste like mochi.. Chewy and yum yum

Mixed Sugar Guo Kui

It tasted like man tuo with lotus paste. Sweet and yumm.

Wonderful bloggers who make the night more amazing and fun