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Panasonic Beauty WorkShop by Beauty Guru, Bryan Gan

I was happy to be given the opportunity by to attend the Panasonic Beauty Workshop by Beauty Guru, Bryan Gan.


If you have watch 女人我最大 Singapore version, you will be familiar with Bryan. Bryan is the Singapore representative in that show and he has been appearing for the past three seasons.

I will be sharing with you on the tips that Bryan had shared during the workshop. Please continue reading on..

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Blogging for Leisure VS Profit~❤

I attended the sharing session organised by OMY on an very interesting topic : Blogging for Leisure VS Profit. 

The panelist

Aussie PeteGraceDaniel, Christine

Here some of my thoughts on this topic.
I started blogging since I am 13 years old. I started off blogging on my everyday life. However, I decided to stop writing due to my studies. At the point of time, my blog was my rubbish dump , a blog of all my inner voices and emoness. I was encouraged to restart my passion in blogging by my boyfriend after I had slimmed down. At first, I wanted to share my journey of slimming with more people. Reading back at my previous posts, I found out that I never really have a lot of post on slimming. I shall re-position my blog very soon. Therefore, please look out for more valued post. I really hope to bring lots of fun to my reader.
I get more excited when there is an increase of readers. This really serve as a very big encouragement for me to continue blogging. I really hope that one day, I will be able to earn from my blog post or even having sponsorship from brands or restaurants. However, I am really noob in doing so but I am trying to make it happen soon. I really admired those blogger who had their oversea trips , meals or beauty products sponsor and earning from their blog. I will work toward it even though this road is not really easy.
I also would like to take this chance to apologize to my readers for my spelling and grammar mistakes. I will defiantly improve on my English language and my blog post to give you a more enjoyable time reading my blog.
Thanks for organizing this wonderful sharing session where I get to know more about blogging and to reflect on my own blog.

Lets Get Cheesy with Domino’s Pizza~❤

Thanks to OMY and Domino’s Pizza for hosting the pizza tasting.
New promotion at Domino’s Pizza !
Lets Get Cheesy !
One is never enough,therefore two is better then one. Domino’s pizza is having a Double Pizza Deal with free EXTRA cheese ! You can have a choice of either two of the “Very Veggie”, “Classic Pepperoni”, “Hawaiian Paradise” and “Classified Chicken”.

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Marketing manager of Domino’s Pizza demonstrating the usage of the app
Time to track your pizza !!

Finally and finally is MAKAN time.

Very Veggie

Hawaiian Paradise

Classic Pepperoni

Super Chessy

Classified Chicken

Date Pudding

Chocolate Lava Cake


Onion Ring

The slice is bigger den my face !!

Domino’s Pizza staff

Group photo

With Michelle
With Hui Yan
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