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Bangkok Jam Thai’Rrific Food Fest

Bangkok Jam hosted a Thai Street Food Carnival, Thai’Rrific Food Fest, at their Marina Square outlet on 22 October 2015. It aims to celebrate the diversity of Thai street food you can find in the streets and markets of Bangkok.


I had been missing the street food in Bangkok as it had been almost 2 years since I last visited Bangkok.  Thanks to Thai’Rrific Food Fest, I managed to satisfy my craving for Thai Street Food and a fun-filled and tummy-filled evening with my bestie, Jia Hui. Continue Reading


Thai Boat Noodle in Singapore

Taking about Thai Food, I believe that you may heard before about this Thailand’s local delight ;  Thai Boat Noodle which also know as Kuai Tiao Ruea.

For me, I did not knew about this delight until today when I tried my very first Thai Boat Noodle at Thai Boat Noodle in Singapore.

Thai Boat Noodle at Bedok Point had brought in this Thailand’s local delight into Singapore where they also serve authentic Thai Chinese Street Food.

There 4 different version of the Thai Boat Noodle :


 Boat Noodle Dry ($1 per bowl)

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2D1N Valentine’s Day Getaway in Johor City Square

People may envy me that I am working in my boyfriend’s company which I may be able to have my own freedom of time.However, behind the scenes we usually stay in office to work till super late and burn our weekends off.

Most of our time spent together is either working in office or working at home.

This year is our third Valentine’s Day together. I started planning for our Valentine’s Day almost a week in advance.

“Valentine’s  Day Staycation, Valentine’s Day Dinner, Valentine’s Day Oversea Getaway” etc etc. I thought of every single activities that a couple would do together for Valentine’s Day.

In the end, we decided on a 2D1N Getaway in Johor, Malaysia. Away from the crowded Singapore where it so hard to get a place to dine without reervation and where everything were marked up for this day.Other then celebrating Valentine’s Day, this was also a getaway trip for us to rest.

It’s Valentine’s Day, how can I not prepare present for my beloved boyfriend.

Before heading to Johor, I made one of his favorite snack, Muah Chee. Did not expect that the dough came up to be in heart shaped. Perfect for the Valentine Day.





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Mookata Traditional Thai BBQ ~❤

Mookata which is Thai BBQ had been in Singapore for a few years. However, I had yet tried it before till when my friends decided to have dinner at the mookata which located opposite 112 Katong.

Instead of having q-ing outside the restaurant while waiting for your turn. They have this mobile apps which you can make reservation for your queue call. I like this concept as you do not need to stay in the queue while waiting for our turn. I get to shop or explore the place while waiting. THUMBS UP *

This Gold Plate Awards explained the huge crowd at the restaurant. I cant wait to try it out.

Part of their menu

They had 3 different level of sauce ranging from mild to super spicy. However, I felt that the super spicy sauce does not really tasted the spicy to me, it is quite mild to me. I ended up dripping my food into all the three sauce together. If you are someone who cannot take spiciness, you can request for sweet chili from the staff.  The sweet chili was nice too.


Thai Iced Tea

Thai Iced Tea had been my favorite drink ever since I was first introduce to it by my ex manager during my Bangkok business planning trip. I simply fell deeply in love with the sweetness of it. I admit I have a sweet tooth. The Thai Iced Tea that being served here was not bad but is not sweet enough for me. It had the authentic taste. However, I still prefer Thai Ice Tea in Bangkok as they are really sweet.

As recommended by my friend, we tried their Tom Yam soup base instead of the normal soup base. The Tom Yam soup base was really good, it tasted even better after cooking the vegetables and meats in it.

Vegetable Platter

The platter consist of round cabbage, white cabbage, corn, kang kong, xiao bai cai, toufu, golden mushroom,egg and tunghoon.

Meat Lover Platter


For meat lover, you will love it. It consist of quite a wide variety. It have a combination of pork collar, chicken thigh, sliced beef suriyaki, streaky bacon, shabu shabu, pork belly and premium sausages.

Tom Yam Chicken Thigh

More food..

Set for 2 platter consist of marinated chicken (thigh), pork (collar), prawns, squid, suriyaki, streaky bacon, porkbelly, fishball, meatball, crabstick, otah fishcake.

We order additional ingredients like golden mushroom, shitakae mushroom, otah fishcake, cheese toufu, thai fishcake etc.

Time to makan !

Personally I feel that the UFO-liked grill made it a bit hard to barbecue the food as it kept on sliding down into the soup. Maybe, I am not really skilled in doing so as this the first time. I felt that meat take a bit longer time to cook as we will pile the meat on each other due to space constraint. As for the soup base, you can’t throw in to cook a lot food at one go too. I love the tom yam soup when it thicken up a bit with all the essence and sweetness from all other ingredients.
However, It is really delicious and a great dining experience if you are going out in big group. You get to chit chat with your friends more while waiting for the food to be cook.

Dearest and Me

Group photo


Bangkok Day4 (6Aug12) : Wat In,Pirom Plaza,Wat Tramit

Finally,we reach Wat Intharawihan. The 32-meter standing Buddha is really spectacular. It really worth a visit even if you are not a Buddhist.

After praying,we went to buy ice-cream from the vendor that we saw at the gate of the temple. I ordered coconut ice cream however the uncle gave me mixed flavour. It tasted yummy.


Wat Intharawihan

Opening Hours: 08:30 – 20:00
Location: 114 Wisut Kasat Road, Banglamphu,
Old City (Rattanakosin)


Next up, We continue our journey to Pirom Plaza. This will be thehighlight of theBangkok trip for my hubby. I did lots of research ongun dam sets inBangkok. Pirom Plaza was recommended in most hobby forum.It said to have an under one roof of hobby shops inBangkok. We were looking forward to find some rare sets and lots of shops for us to look around.

Upon reaching, we were disappointed. The shopping mall look so deserted.Most of the shops were closed.We only saw less then 5 shops that were open.

Lucky, we managed to find 3 sets of 00 Raiser Gundam that hubby is looking for. From what i knew from him,he seldom see these three sets he bought. The shops here doesn’t entertain discount as they were selling at 50% as compared to the departmental stores in Bangkok. If you are a Gundam lover, you may wants to drop by to take a look but don’t expected prices to be alot lower then Singapore.

Pirom plaza : ภิรมย์พลาซ่า วังบรูพา

921 Mahachai Rd., Wangburapapilom
Panakhon, BKK 10120

(Next to Grande Ville hotel)

Opening hours: 11:00am-6:00pm
We proceed to our next destination,Wat Tramit.
Wat Traimit houses the world’s largest golden seated Buddha measuring nearly five metres in height and weighing five and a half tons.
Outer look of the temple

The golden buddha

Wat Tramit


Opening Hours: 09:00 – 17:00
Location: Traimit Road
(west of Hua Lampong Station), Chinatown

How to get there:Take escalator exit #1 and continue walking straight across the street, past a canal and make a left on Treemit road. Just a short walk down and you will find Wat Traimit along with several smaller temple complexes and a school.

Wat Tramit marked the end of our temple tour for the day. Since we were ahead of time, we decided to head back to the hotel for a little rest and wash up.
We didnt expected that it will be so difficult to hail a taxi in chinatown. We decided to take the tuk-tuk back to hotel. As agreed,the journey back to hotel will be 150BHT. The tuk tuk driver was nice enough to send us back to the hotel without going anywhere else. The ride was thrilling and fun.Advise for people wearing contact lens, please wear shades to protect yours eyes from all the dusts and sands.


Tuk-tuk driver asking for direction to hotel

On board the local transportation

After a wash up and rest at the hotel,we decided to head for Pratuam Market.


It really a fun and unforgettable trip i had in bangkok. As we make our way over to platinum mall, it started raining. I had been bring along my umbrella throughout my trip but i decided to leave it back at the hotel for this time. We ended up caught in the rain. Anyway,it’s fun running in the heavy rain. Lucky,the rain doesnt last long.
We managed to proceed on to platinum mall.We decided to stop by Swensen for dinner without realizing that they dont serve main courses. However, we had our deserts before dinner.
I love the cup

Nutty Ice cream waffles
Food : ❤❤❤
Service: ❤❤
Overall: ❤❤
Price : 159BHT (SGD$6.20)
After our ice-cream,we went to the food court at platinum mall for our dinner.

Coupon counter

Food court

Pad Thai
It cannot be said as the nicest pad thai i ate in bangkok. But it taste really not bad.

Chicken Curry rice


Ice Gingko
Hubby get cheated on this.On the pictures it seem like yam with gingko but it ended up is just gingko in sugar syrup.The gingko is not fully cooked too.
Overall dinner : ❤❤

Newstand in bangkok
Headed on to Pratuam Market.From what i had research on, it was open 24hrs.However,when we reached it was close or we went the wrong place.We managed to find a few stores that open along the street to Baiyoke.

Finally,i found my mango sticky rice at a roadside stall. We bought back for our supper.It totally super sweet and yummy.I simply cant get enough of it.

Food : ❤❤❤❤❤
Price: 110BHT (SGD$4.30)