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2D1N Valentine’s Day Getaway in Johor City Square

People may envy me that I am working in my boyfriend’s company which I may be able to have my own freedom of time.However, behind the scenes we usually stay in office to work till super late and burn our weekends off.

Most of our time spent together is either working in office or working at home.

This year is our third Valentine’s Day together. I started planning for our Valentine’s Day almost a week in advance.

“Valentine’s  Day Staycation, Valentine’s Day Dinner, Valentine’s Day Oversea Getaway” etc etc. I thought of every single activities that a couple would do together for Valentine’s Day.

In the end, we decided on a 2D1N Getaway in Johor, Malaysia. Away from the crowded Singapore where it so hard to get a place to dine without reervation and where everything were marked up for this day.Other then celebrating Valentine’s Day, this was also a getaway trip for us to rest.

It’s Valentine’s Day, how can I not prepare present for my beloved boyfriend.

Before heading to Johor, I made one of his favorite snack, Muah Chee. Did not expect that the dough came up to be in heart shaped. Perfect for the Valentine Day.





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Simple but Heartwarming Valentine’s Day ~❤

You may think my Valentine’s Day is no different from a normal dinner ! Yes , I do agree that it was another normal dinner. Nothing expensive or romantic.That us !!

Having him by my side as every days goes by is Valentine’s Day to me everyday. I am blessed to have him supporting me , helping me , taking care of me through out this journey. He is my light , my hope to my future. I am not a perfect girlfriend. Not pretty, rich or good temper and many many more. Thanks for accepting all my flaws. I really hope one day I can spent my dinner everyday with you , having you as the last and the first person I see every single day. With all my flaws, I really does not know what can I really do for you to let you have a better life. All I can and promise to do is to LOVE you wholeheartedly from now till forever. My love and craze for you had never change ever since I met you. You are my angel , miy everything.

Food time !!

Herbal Chicken Soup

The soup taste abit bland for me , not much of a herbal feel. However, I like the chicken. It soft and tender.They are also very generous with their serving.

Crispy Chicken Set

Salmon Teriyaki


Just Acia set meal come with free flow of water and ice cream, It a value for money place to dine.

For more information : Just Acia

Food : ❤❤❤❤
Service :❤❤❤❤
Price : $30 for 2 pax
Overall Rating : ❤❤❤❤

New gadgets for me ! Thanks hubby for the wonderful Valentine present !!! Love it to max !

Heart-shaped balloon from workplace

I love you forever