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The Alshaya Food Tour – Texas RoadHouse


The last stop of our The Alshaya Food Tour will be at Texas RoadHouse and I am starting to miss everyone in the team.

The first Texas RoadHouse open in 1993 at Clarksville, Indiana. They aims to be a restaurant where customers of all ages can have a great meal with great prices and great fun. Texas Roadhouse is known for their Hand-Cut Steaks, Fall-Off-The-Bone Ribs, Made-From-Scratch Sides, and Fresh-Baked Bread.


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The Soup Spoon Union in White Sands Shopping Mall

After 3 outlets of The Soup Spoon Union which houses: The Soup Spoon”,” The Handburger” and” Soup Broth Asia”. The Soup Spoon Union had recently venture into White Sand Pasir Ris.
This time round, they housed 2 other brands; The Salad Fork and The Grill Knife along with The Soup Spoon.


Lets start with the main brand “The Soup Spoon

Every few months, The Soup Spoon will launch a few Limited Edition Soup from different country.

For this month, The Soup Spoon is flying our taste buds to PERTH!!!

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Criollo Cocoa Cafe

Thanks to OpenRice invite or not I will never discover this hidden cafe in the Level 2 Orchard Gateway overlooking the Somerset Junction.

If you are looking of a quiet place to chill out after all the shopping spree or a heart to heart session with your girlfriends. Do check Criollo Cocoa Cafe out.

At Criollo Cocoa Cafe, they serve all day breakfast, burgers, pastas and dessert at a affordable price. Most importantly, there no service charge and GST. You can also enjoy free Wi-fi from Orchard Gateway.


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Lava Rock Grill House ~❤

I had a quick lunch with my boyfriend at Lava Rock Grill House awhile back after I get my haircut in Hougang.
Lava Rock Grill House seems like another version of Astons. They have almost the same concept of having the restaurant styled western food in a more affordable pricing located in the neighborhood.
We decided to try it out as it had been feature on TV before. Lava Rock Grill House have a wide range of western food, ranging from meats,seafood to pasta. My boyfriend and I decided to try their Super Saver’s Meal for 2.


The Super Saver Meal for 2 consist of  Black Pepper Chicken Set, Sesame Terriyaki Chicken Set, Soup of the day and Chicken Nugget Platter.

Soup of the Day : Mushroom Soup

I am a fan of mushroom soup. However, the mushroom soup that was being serve does not taste really good for me. The soup was quite diluted, not as creamy as I expected. The bits of mushroom had added some texture to the soup being it taste abit better.

Chicken Nugget Platter
To me, It was just normal chicken nugget.

Each of the Chicken Set, we are get to choose 2 side dishes.


Black Pepper Chicken Set

For the Black Pepper Chicken Set, we chose butter corn and butter potato. I do not really like both of them. The butter corn was too buttery. Each of the corn kernels was all coated with butter. The corn wad not sweet too. As for the butter potato, it is tasteless to me.It seem that they did not season the potato. I like the fries. They are crispy and perfectly cooked. 
As for the chicken, they are very generous with the black pepper sauce. I have the extra sauce to dip my fries. The black pepper sauce was not bad. It does not have the overpowering black pepper taste.


 Sesame Terriyaki Chicken Set

For the  Sesame Terriyaki Chicken Set, we chosen pasta salad and baked beans for the side dishes.The pasta salad did not look appetizing to me therefore I did not try it. The baked bean was normal too.
As for the Sesame Terriyaki sauce, I dont really taste the sesame in the terriyaki sauce. I still prefer the black pepper sauce.
Overall, I am kind of disappointed with them. The chicken and fries were not bad, maybe they should improve and put more effort on the side dishes too. For the price of $16.90, I can get a whole table of delicious food from other coffee shop for two of us.

Lunchie at Bliss house~❤

If you love Fullhouse concept, you might love this too..



Every theme cafe have it own story..
The story begins with a pair of star-crossed lovers running off into the woods to escape enemy persecution. They crossed mountains and lakes, venturing deeper and deeper into the unknown land. Even as they slept on the cold hard forest ground for many a nights and starved endlessly, they never gave up. Their true love for each other sustained them and gave strength to continue on.


The concept of Bliss house is much like Fullhouse. However, it is more to a garden concept. The whole cafe is bright lit. The whole flooring is cover with grass carpet. A nice and relaxing place to gather with your friends to have lunch and high tea. I like their classy private dining room.

Bliss Menu

Seafood Spaghetti

Prawn Aglio Olio

Alfungi Spagetti


Live clams Spaghetti

Kid Meal : Fish and Chip

After your meal, dont forget to take some pictures with all the pretty decorations.

My loves


Foodilicious @ Bugis Plus (Part 2) ~❤

Lets continue with more Foodilicious experience.

4th Stop : Rocku Yakiniku

Rocku Yakiniku is delivering a fresh concept to traditional Yakiniku joints. Rocku Yakiniku defines convention by melding a traditional style of Japanese dining with modern entertainment, perfectly characterizing Japaneses pop culture.



I love the pop culture painting on the wall. A nice and hippy atmosphere to chill with your friends.






Salmon Sashimi


Rocku BBQ Prime Set

$68 ++ for 2

Rocku Salad, Salmon Sashimi, Miso Soup with Mushroom, Wagyu Marbled Beef, US Black Angus Rib  eye, Kurobuta Pork Belly, Kurobuta Pork Sirloin, Teriyaki Chicken, Tiger Prawn, Teriyaki Saba Fish,
Assorted Mushrooms,Garlic Rice, Mochi ice cream.



Safra voucher accepted in Rocku Yakiniku
Guys, bring your girlfriend to Rocku Yakiniku to dine ❤



Group photo with all the forever hungry bloggers (:
Rocku Yakiniku

Address : 201 Victoria Street #04-06
Bugis +
Singapore 188067

For more information :

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5th Stop : Suki-ya
Suki-ya had been my favorite sukiyaki and shabu shabu ever since I first tried years back. I fell in love it seem then.
I am really happy that Suki-ya is included in the wonderful food trail (:



The new concept is pretty. According to their Macom executive, they wanted to create a garden dining atmosphere. I like the whole concept.



Colorful food bar


All ready to get our chopstick into the different soup base

New launch Australia wagyu beef

More meat for shabu shabu


That what I love about shabu shabu, it taste nicer and yummy if you are eating with a group of wonderful friends.
Wonder how to enjoy sukiyaki the Suki-ya way ?
Let Chef Umehara show you how here

I shall try the Suki-ya during my next visit (:

Address : 201 Victoria Street #04-06
Bugis +
Singapore 188067
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6th Stop : Manhattan Fish Market
Time for Fish & Chip !

Manhattan Fish ‘N Chips 
Hand battered dory fish fillets drizzled with the Garlic Herb Sauce, complemented with chips and a side of salad
  Garlic herb mussels
Poached mussels in our signature Garlic Herb Sauce, served with baguette to soak up the delicious sauce
 Caesar Salad with Crispy Whitebait 
Lush romaine lettuce with egg topped off with handmade croutons and parmesan cheese, topped with crispy fried silver fish
Not forgetting the famous Manhattan Flaming Seafood Platter.




Manhattan Flaming Seafood Platter
This platter serves up generous portion of hand battered fish fillets, oyster and calamari. The highlight will be our Manhattan Flaming Prawn, brought to full flavor when our sea-cret agents flame.

Sizzling Brownie with Ice-cream 
The harmony of elements, enjoy a warm sizzling brownie, topped with smooth vanilla ice-cream n sweet caramel sauce and nuts.
Manhattan Fish Market
Address : 201 Victoria Street #04-07
Bugis +
Singapore 188067
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7th Stop : Seoul Yummy

Korean food in Da house !!

먹자 ! 먹자 !

Free flow of korean side dishes

  Korean ginseng chicken soup


Spicy rice cake
  Braised pork belly with kimchi 

Kimchi pancake 


Army’s stew with assorted meat and seafood, alar carte 
Seoul Yummy
Address : 201 Victoria Street
Bugis +
Singapore 188067
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