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The Alshaya Food Tour Dubai – IHOP


Day 2 official marked the start of the whole Alshaya Food Tour which we will be taste testing 4 different American-based restaurants. Starting with IHOP, PF Chang, Shake Shack and lastly, Texas Road House. This was also marked the start of my work as we are required to hand in our food review about the restaurants on the same night. Our reviews will act as one of their consideration in bringing the 4 restaurants into Asia.

After a great night sleep in the Sheraton Sweet SleeperTM Bed, I am all fresh and ready for the challenge.


OOTD: Top & Skirt from Lady & Toki (Bangkok), Straw Hat from Bangkok, Longchamp Sling bag


Wefie with the girls (Priscilla, Si Han, Ling) and Acorn Marketing organizers, Ilona and Danny


Group shot with the other 4 Singapore bloggers and 5 Singapore foodies along with the organizers from Acorn Marketing and Alshaya.

For the first stop, we will be having our brunch at IHOP. Since 1958, IHOP® has been the place where people connect over breakfast, enjoy study breaks and grab a bite.  And no matter what menu items they order, there’s one ingredient that’s always constant — a smile.



Instead of those fancily designed brunch cafes and restaurants we usually have in Singapore, IHOP adopted a more country family styled interior combining orange brown furniture, off white walls and a light touch of metal. The whole ambiance seem to have transported me back to the earlier 90s. I noticed that they love to use warm yellow lights for most of the restaurants in Dubai which is not very appropriate for food photo shoot.


I like the 4 little jars of different pancake syrups that was placed on each tables. Other than these pancake syrups, one of IHOP unique selling point was their coffee flask. You can have free flow of coffee by ordering a flask of their coffee.

The service level was good as you don’t usually see restaurants’ service crews introducing themselves to you and also recommending their dishes to you according to your preference. Most importantly, their enthusiasm to serve is something you will never find in Singapore.


For 57 years, the IHOP family restaurant chain has served their world famous pancakes and a wide variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner items that are loved by people of all ages.


Eggs Benedict
(AED49 / SGD 19.60)

I did not have a very high expectation for their Eggs Benedict as it was a dish that not many restaurants had mastered them nicely. To me, as long as the yolk able to nicely follow out from the egg benedict, it can consider a good one. The hollandaise sauce was lack of flavors but managed to save by the saltiness from the turkey bacon. The muffin below does not look appetizing at all, it was dry and tasteless.  The rosti was a definite thumbs up. The thin layer of potato strips was fried perfectly keeping its moisture yet crispy.


Chicken Fajita Omelette
(AED40 / SGD16)

The moment the Chicken Fajita Omelette was served in front of me, I was a little taken aback by the huge omelette. They marinated the chicken breast strips with Fajita Seasoning which is a mixture of Mexican spices, salt, onion and pepper. The Chicken breast was more toward the dry side and was a little tough. The Fajita seasoning does not really stand out. The egg omelette was not to my favor due to the Pasteurized eggs which was used. It does not have the fluffy and moist egg omelette which I adore. On the good side, the tomato salsa was good. It really help to lift up the whole flavor of the Chicken Fajita Omelette.


Spinach,Roasted Red Pepper Griddle Melts

I have never been a fan of having sandwiches when I am dinning out. Sandwiches are one of the food which I can simply make them at home within minutes. Let’s have one big bite down; the crunchiness from the lightly toasted sourdough bread accompanied by the mixed flavor of sauteed spinach, egg omelettes, onions and red peppers was pretty acceptable. However, it was lacking of texture and the egg omelette was dry too. I don’t really like the taste of the Jack cheese, it pretty much tasted like melted plastic sheet to me. The onions rings was really good. It stay crispy till my last mouth of food, I could not resist munching them even though I was really full. 


Nutella Crepes

Who can resist Nutella? Seriously, I can’t resist them. The moment I cut into the thin egg batter crepes, the Nutella started oozing out endlessly. You will never get wrong with Nutella. However, I did not like the Frozen Strawberry Sauce that was drizzle across the crepes. Instead of balancing out the sweetness with the light sourness from the strawberry, it contribute to the sweetness level of the dish causing an overdose of flavors. The strawberry sauce and whipped cream caused the crepes to turn soggy quickly. I will prefer to have strips of chocolate fudge drizzle over the crepes with some fresh strawberries instead of strawberry sauce and whipped cream.


Strawberry Banana French Toast
(AED39 / SGD15.60)

While preparing for this trip, I did a little research on IHOP. I was looking forward to try their Strawberry Banana French Toast which turn out to be a disappointment. The toast used was pretty dense resulting to the lack of flavor. The egg batter did not penetrate into the bread to give the soft, custardy center. The frozen strawberry sauce once again had turn me off with their artificial sweetness.  I wonder whether are fresh strawberries hard to get or expensive in Dubai?

Chocolate Buttermilk Pancake
(AED39/SGD 15.60)

I love their buttermilk pancake especially the chocolate flavoured one. The light fluffiness with the hint of coco powder taste was really good. It will be even better if their chocolate or marshmallow sauce to go with the pancakes to puff up a little richness into it. I will highly recommend you to go for their pancakes when you dine at IHOP.


Belgian Waffle

Another of my favorite was their Belgian Waffle. Crispy on the outside and yet maintain the moist and fluffiness from the within. We should have ordered the cinnamon apple compote to try instead of their cool strawberry sauce with warm blueberries.

Overall, I will definitely be back to IHOP to satisfy my craving for all day breakfast and most importantly their fluffy buttermilk pancakes. I felt that they should modernize their interior design or goes for the classic American style restaurants concept. With the great varieties on their menu, it will be a great gathering place for friends and family. I was so attempted to try the Create a Face Pancake from the kids menu. I believe the kids will have fun eating and playing with the pancake.


(Photo credits : Adam from Thehalahfoodblog)

Mall of the Emirates
Barsha, Dubai
Level 1
GPS coordinates: 25.118107, 55.200608
Operating Hours: 
8.00am – 12.00 am Daily


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