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The Alshaya Food Tour Dubai – P.F. Chang’s


We will be heading to Dubai Mall for our second tasting session at P.F.Chang’s. P.F.Chang’s is an Asian-themed US casual dining restaurant serving American Chinese food.

Even though there a Chinese word in the American Chinese food and the dishes look like Chinese food, the foods served in P.F. Chang’s were not like our normal Chinese Chinese food we had back home. Sound Complicated right?

Just remember that it is American-Chinese food!


According to the organizer, P.F.Chang’s is one of the popular dining venue in Dubai. At around 6pm, the restaurant was almost 60% – 70% filled with customers. There were queue lining up waiting to dine in the restaurant. We were greeted by a group of their service staffs eagerly waiting to usher us to our tables.  


The Chinese mural art on the beam with the big red lanterns surround by the contrasting of wood and red painting on the walls. The interiors strongly reflect the fusion of the Chinese and the American concept. The whole restaurant was heavily dimmed to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Do pardon my some of my out of focus photos, I had a difficult time taking photos under the low light.


It’s really hard to commend on their service level. The service crew was very friendly and dedicated. They were keen to recommend their own personal favorite dishes on the menu for us as well as commenting on the great choice of food we ordered. I love the personal touch but it seem to get kind of interminate after a while. May be we are not use to such high level of customer service in Singapore.

Foods were being served piping hot onto the table with a short waiting time of less than 10 minutes.


Dynamite Shrimps
(AED 47 / SGD 18.80)

Serving an appetizer on a cocktail glass was pretty good concept in food presentation. I was expecting an explosive spiciness according to what was stated in the menu, but in turned out that the spice level was very mild. The sweetness of the honey seems to have overpowered the spiciness.

Nevertheless, I like the lightly battered prawn coated in the sweet honey sauce with a very light hint of spiciness. The dynamite shrimps were quite addictive and I got hook on them instantly. With the current taste now, the dynamite shrimps made a great child friendly appetizer on the menu. They may consider changing the description on the menu.


Chang’s Chicken Lettuce Wraps
(AED 44 / SGD 17.60)

The Chang’s Chicken Lettuce Wraps was a pretty decent appetizer for the start of the meal. I love the whole texture of the crunchy Iceberg Lettuce wrap with the stir-fried minced chicken. I added their special spicy sauce to increase the flavor of the chicken.

Mongolian Beef
(AED 71 / SGD 28.40)

The Mongolian Beef was one of the dish which enjoy. The thin caramelize beef was amazing tender but slightly on the sweeter side. It will be great if the sweetness can be adjusted with a hint more of saltiness to bring out the taste of the overall dish. The scallions were a great combination to the Mongolian beef in adding the extra crunch and texture.


Chang’s Asian Short Ribs
(AED 125/SGD 50)

The Chang’s Short Ribs was the best out of the whole dinner. We did not expect the short ribs to be 2 huge pieces of thick beef ribs.


Surprisingly, the huge beef ribs were so tender that you can easily run the knife across to cut them in pieces. I love the light tender chewy texture before the meat got separated in my mouth. The sweet and savory bbq sauce goes perfectly with the ribs.

I will strongly recommend you to order Chang’s Asian Short Ribs when you dine in P.F. Chang’s.


Oolong Marinated Sea Bass
(AED 134/ SGD53.60)

The Oolong Marinate Sea Bass is the best dish of the night. It may not look that appetizing with a lightly charred fillet smack in the middle of a bed of green spinach. However, the taste of the marinated sea bass was so amazingly good. The Sea Bass fillet was so soft and tender with the light crispy outer skin. It will be great if they could slightly reduce the sodium level of the sauce.

The Chang’s Asian Short Ribs and Oolong Marinated Sea Bass are two dishes that I will definitely go back for them.

MaLa Shrimp
(AED 82/SGD 32.80)

The MaLa Shrimp was a total huge disappointment. I did not expect that it does not have any hint of spiciness in the dish at all. Instead of MaLa Shrimps, they should have named the dish Kung Pao Shrimps since they were using Kung Pao sauce which also give you the mild spiciness. Ma La will be more towards spicy with a numbing after taste.


Cantonese Lemon Chicken
(AED 57/SGD 22.80)

The Cantonese Lemon Chicken was another disappointment. The Chicken breast were dry and tough like rubber. The powdery flour coat was separated from the chicken breast which suppose to lock the moisture in the chicken breast. The Lemon Sauce at the side was runny like water with no slight taste.


Chang’s Spicy Chicken
(AED 55/SGD 22)

The first impression of the Chang’s Spicy Chicken was is that a beancurd dish? Chicken did not cross my mind at the moment. The chicken was slightly drier and I don’t really like the batter that was coated. I felt that the chicken cubes can do without the batter as it does not seem to make the chicken tenderer. The sauce was under favored, there no spiciness or the tangy taste. All I tasted was sweetness.

Even though, the desserts were not the main selling point of the restaurant. This was the worst desserts I ever tasted. I seriously advise you to have go for more edible desserts in some other cafes or restaurants.


Chocolate Brownies with Ice Cream
(AED 39/SGD 15.60)

A huge warmed plate with a tiny cube of chocolate brownies with melted vanilla Ice Cream turn me off straight away. I knew I was done with the chocolate brownies after just a small mouth, the dense cakey and chewy texture were totally missing from it. The chocolate brownies melted into tasteless fudge instantly when it contacted with the warmth in my mouth. The vanilla Ice Cream does not even have a hint of vanilla not even the essence.




Choco Buchi
(AED 35/ SGD 14)

The idea of having chocolate filling instead of the traditional mung bean paste or peanut filling in sesame balls was indeed creative. However, I felt that they should try to master this dessert before serving them on the menu. The skin was too thick and you can see a layer of uncooked dough.

Overall, I felt that P.F. Chang’s was overrated and most of their dish required seriously tuning in their flavors especially for their spicy dishes and desserts.

P.F. Chang
Financial Centre Road,Downtown (Near Buj Khalifa)
Dubai,United Arab Emirates
GPS : 25°11.922, 55°16.805
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