Western USA 15D14D ( Day 3- Hollywoods,Los Angeles)

After 3day2night in Anaheim, we will be moving to Hollywood.

It was a long struggle for me during my planning on where should I be staying in Los Angeles. We could not decide between Hollywood and Downtown Los Angeles. Being a very typical tourist, we decided on Hollywood as we got to visit most of the tourist attractions within walking distance.

For our next few nights, we chose a boutique hotel, Hollywood Orchid Suites. The hotel is situated right behind Hollywood & Highland. We were greeted by the most friendly and helpful receptionist. She gave us some advice and tips while traveling around.

Tips 1 : Never take any “Free” CDs from anyone. There will be couple of people handing or pushing CDs into you face outside Dolby Theatre. These are scam.

Tips 2: Along Walk of Fame, you will see cosplayer asking you to take photos with them. You may do so at your discretion. But do note, you are required to tip them for taking photos with them. They are not looking for USD 1 or 2 only, usually they will request for more.

Tips 3: Always be careful with your valuables and look out for pickpockets.

We really appreciate these tips as these were some of the situations we faced.

After leaving our luggages at the concierge desk, we went on to explore the neighbourhood. Being in Hollywood, Walk of Fame is a definitely a place to visit. We try to identify as many actors, actress or characters that we know of.

I find it hard to take photos as the walkway is crowded with tourists and everyone is playing the same spotting game. Therefore, we decided to give up taking photos and enjoy the walk.

Next up, is TCL Chinese Theatre where you find hand prints of actors and actress from blockbusters movie and shows.

In the same neighbourhood, you can also visit Madame Tussauds Hollywood, El Capitian Theatre, Ripley Believe it or Not!

Visiting Hollywood is never complete without seeing the Hollywood sign in your own eyes. You will be able to get the view from Dolby Theatre Shopping Center.

You may not be able to get an up close view here, but is good enough of us due to our short stay.

After shopping around, We head back to the hotel for checking in and to freshen ourself up.

We are ready for our 1st shopping spree at Citadel Outlets.  We took their free shuttle service from Union Station. The whole journey took around one and half hour due to the traffic jams.

When you are into shopping spree, there’s no time for photos.

We stop by Panda Express for dinner. (My hubby’s favourite fast food during his last visit to US)

Panda Express is a fast food chain that sell Chinese food. You are able to choose your choice of carbo (Rice or Noodle) with dishes of your choice. Is like Mixed Veg stall in Singapore.

After dinner, we headed back to hotel via taxi.

We will be heading to Universal Studio Hollywood on our Day 4.

Do Stay Tunes…

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