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I am a strong believer of you do not need a special reason or occasion to get a bouquet of flowers.

Here three reasons why?

1. Flowers will positively brighten up her mood.

Take 5 minutes off what you are doing now and think.
Is your mother, girlfriend or someone you care about been feeling very down recently?

Maybe because for their stressful work life or facing some problems which they don’t wish to share. Or even are they having their PMS?

You are having some difficulty managing and dealing with their foul mood and emotions. Well, you can brighten up their day with minimum effort by getting them the right flowers.

The colorful bunch of sweet smelling flowers can help them to de-stress and boost up their mood. Flowers has incredible powers to make the special one smile and feel good. It also contributes to delivering the unspoken message of appreciation and care.

2. Flowers speak a secret language and help you to express your love.

Are you having difficulty in communicating or expressing your love or appreciation to that someone whom you care? Do you know different kinds of flowers have a different meaning to them?

Here are some of the example:

Red Roses – Love, Respect
Pink Carnation – I’ll Never Forget You
White Lily – It’s Heavenly to Be with You
Peony – Happy Marriage
Tulip – Perfect Lover
Hydrangea – Thank You for Understanding;

Google the meaning of the flowers and let the flowers speak your heart out. You can also write out your feeling into a small card and attach with the bouquet.

Express your love now.

3. Flowers are romantic and enhance the mood.

No girls and women will reject flowers and do not love flowers.

Even though, a small population will feel that buying flowers is a waste of money. When come to receiving them, they will still feel delighted.

Flowers is an excellent and simplest way to enhance the mood especially on important dates like anniversary or birthday.

To me, buying a bouquet of flowers is not necessaries for the opposite sex. It can be for your parents, your best buddy, girl friends or even for yourself.

I am a huge fan for Tulips. Tulips represent perfect lover, perfect ever lasting love(永恒不变得爱). I hope one day I will be able to get this ever lasting love and live happily ever after with my love ones.

I love the vibrancy of the Tulips in their different colors. Strolling down the alleys in between the rows and rows of tulips in Holland have always been a dream and part of my bucket list.

It pretty hard to get a lovely bouquet of Tulips in Singapore due to their season and the high cost.

I manage to found them at Abetterflorist. Their “The Allison,” tulip bouquet is so irresistible. Packed full of Pink, Purple, and Peach colored tulips and sprinkled with meadow whites. I can’t help but to fell in love with it.

A Better Florist believes that sending and receiving flowers should be easy, affordable and beautiful. They offer express flower delivery to even same day delivery. This gives you no excuse to forgetting about placing a flower bouquet in advance.

All you need to make your purchase from their website with just a few clicks of your mouse. The rest of the job, you can leave them in the hands of A Better Florist’s professional team.

Do you know, A Better Florist offers fresh flowers directly from flower farms in the Cameron Highlands to provide an affordable price.

Photo Credit: A Better Florist

May I know what are you waiting for?

Make your purchase now at

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